We know barriers to sharing your faith exist

Sharing Jesus isn’t always easy, even with those we are close to. Our recent research revealed that one out of every three people surveyed felt unequipped or hesitant in sharing their faith; feeling inadequate and/or concerned about the impact on their relationships were cited barriers. Our resources have been developed to help you feel equipped to share Jesus.

Media Evangelism Offering
August 10, 2024

Tokelau, a beautiful and small Pacific Island community, is one of the last unentered territories within our South Pacific Division. We now have a unique opportunity to bring the Adventist message to the people of Tokelau through Hope Channel. This initiative will offer the community access to our message in a way that has never been possible before. Your generous offering can make this a reality.

Moreover, your support will help foster local media efforts by creating programs in local languages throughout the Pacific, enriching the spiritual lives of many more people.


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