Psalter Studios is a recording studio based in the Adventist Media building in Wahroonga, where we record Adventist music, podcasts, and audiobooks. These forms of media are spectacular outlets for creative minds and anyone who wants to engage in Christian ministry through listening to stories told in various formats.

In the past we have had musicians share their faith through the YouTube series, Live @ Psalter Studios and worked with artists such as Hillsong to bring you raw and emotional testimonies through the power of music. Award winning books such as No Heil Hitler by Paul Cieslar have been transformed into audiobooks, creating a more digestible format for people on the move, as well as making them more accessible for people in the Blind and Vision Impaired community. The popular Signs podcast has been recorded in our Studio B room, which is well equipped for any podcasting needs.

This space has helped us in our mission statement of Sharing Jesus Made Simple, creating and developing powerful Christian content in a simple medium for anyone to connect with. This space is also available for hire, if you have any audio content you would like to produce. We want to help you in sharing your stories through your art, as effortlessly as possible!