Life is difficult. At times we struggle. But there’s hope for a better future.

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Adventist Media Cultural Trust: Television

By supporting the Television campaign, you’ll help put programs like It Is Written and the Aussie Pastor on free-to-air TV and enable Hope Channel to keep the message before viewers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All donations of $2 or more made to this campaign are fully tax-deductible in Australia.

Hope Channel: Where It’s Needed

Hope Channel is the home of Christian television and Bible Centres across the South Pacific Division. By supporting this campaign, you are investing in where it’s needed most—enabling Hope Channel to use the latest technologies to connect people to a living God and a loving Church.

Hope Channel: Discovery Courses & Bibles

Hope Channel’s discovery centre offers free discovery and Bible courses that teach a wealth of life enriching knowledge. Investing in this campaign shares the word to people throughout the South Pacific.